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Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

Overview Home of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific (a title bestowed by none other than the great Mark Twain), Waimea is located in southwestern Kauai. Once a seaport town, Waimea is just a short distance away from the landing site of famous British explorer and seafarer Captain James Cook when he and his crew first visited the shores of Hawaii in 1778. The town of Waimea is one of Kauai’s best kept secrets; relatively unknown compared to other Hawaiian hotspots, Waimea is slowly getting the attention it deserves. While you’re in Waimea Town, stop by the West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center, a great place to learn more about Kauai’s past. The center features exhibits, programs and weekly activities that reflect the diversity of Kauai’s agricultural community. Call for more information, registration required. Along with Hanapepe, Waimea Town is an off-the-beaten-path discovery that’s a great place to stop as you explore Kauai’s West Side. More than 9,000 people call this coastal community home. Small shops and businesses thrive in Waimea while at the same time it is home to a growing number of high-tech companies. This growth spurt provides additional opportunities for locals to support their respective lifestyles. Despite a growing industry in Waimea, the community still retains its slow-paced and low-key atmosphere. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has commended the community for its dedication in preserving its heritage.   Waimea Homes for Sale, Condos and Vacation Rentals

The local real estate market in Waimea offers great value for money with its abundance of housing options in different architectural styles. Waterfront properties, cottages and bungalows, single-family residences and lots with acreage are just some of the housing and development options that await you in Waimea.   Must-sees Waimea Canyon is one of Waimea’s most powerful draws. The 10-mile, 3,600 feet natural wonder offers a sharp yet beautiful contrast to Kauai’s lush and green jungles and forests. Great floods and rivers that came all the way from Mount Waialeale helped shape the canyon that draws thousands of tourists annually. Another one of Waimea’s attractions is its black sand beach, its shores attractively lined with Banyan trees and coconut palms. Waimea is the landing site of the first Europeans (Captain Cook) to ever visit Hawaii. You will find it near the location of the failed Russian attempt to establish a colony in these islands exists. Known as Fort Elizabeth, its remnants are on the ocean side of the main highway just outside the entrance to the eastern entrance into Waimea town center. Further west past the town of Kekaha, Hikers and outdoor lovers are invited to brave the rocky road to reach the breathtakingly gorgeous Polihale State Park, located five miles away from Mana Village just right off Kaumua li’I Highway.