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Kawaihau, Kauai, Hawaii

Overview The Kawaihau district is Kauai’s collective East-Side that includes Molola’a, Anahola, Kealia and Kapa’a. Although not a separate town, the southern portion of the Kawaihau District is referred to as Wailua and encompasses the Wailua Houselots and Wailua Homesteads.  The central coastal locations of the Kawaihau district boasts eight miles of golden beaches lined with coconut trees, earning it’s the nickname “Coconut Coast.” Kawaihau’s landscape is dominated by the majestic and prominent Nonou Mountain, often referred to by locals and tourists alike as the Sleeping Giant. Despite being a major tourist attraction, the Kawaihau district maintains a peaceful atmosphere. It is said that the eastern reaches of Kauai offer the best scenery in the island, and the only way for you to find out is to book a ticket and visit Kauai’s Kawaihau district.   Kawaihau Homes for Sale, Condos and Vacation Rentals

Sometimes beauty comes at a price, but not on the Coconut Coast. Kapa’a and Wailua boast some of the most reasonably priced real estate not only in Kauai. Housing options include townhouses, condos and single-family homes. Offering a little bit of everything, Kawaihau makes a great place for potential homebuyers to find their hale (house).   Must-sees A river boat cruise along the famed Wailua River is something that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re feeling adventurous, kayaking and canoe paddling are some of the water sports allowed on the Wailua River. You can even try wake-boarding and water-skiing! More recreational opportunities are found in Wailua River State Park. Are you an animal lover? Make your visit to Kawaihau even more memorable by going whale-watching at Donkey Beach. Other beaches on the Coconut Coast worth visiting include Anahola Beach Park and Kealia Beach, which is popular with surfers. Nonou Mountain is a constant reminder that you are in a diverse region of Kauai. Explore the mountain and hear its legends as you hike up its trails, which include the Nonou West/East Trail and the Kuamoo Trail. While these hiking trails all lead up to the summit, they each offer a different scenic view of East Kauai.