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Living in Kauai: Schools and Educational Institutions

There’s a good selection of top-notch schools in the Kauai area. The selection of public schools, charter schools, independent schools, parochial schools, pre-kindergarten schools, as well as colleges and universities all offer students quality education.

If you’re moving to the area and are looking to enroll your child at a school in Kauai, here’s information about some of the schools available in the area:

Island School Kauai

Island School is a private independent college preparatory school for elementary, middle, and high school students. The school encourages students to have a passion for learning and new experiences, and teaches them the value of creativity, critical thinking, and respect for self and others.

Island School’s academic program is designed to help students learn through art, music, self-understanding, social interaction, and athletics.

For more information, contact Island School at 808-246-0233 or visit their website at

Kanuikapono Charter School

Kanuikapono has an excellent community-centered education program with a curriculum that teaches values through Hawaiian culture and nature-based methods. The school encourages its students to value our environment and instills in them a great love for nature by providing them with a “school without walls,” where natural surroundings serve as the ideal place for learning. Kanuikapono also provides plenty of learning opportunities through after-school programs, youth leadership programs, and sports and recreation programs.

While Kanuikapono’s curriculum is based on Hawaiian values and methods of learning, the school welcomes anyone passionate about learning and appreciative of Hawaiian culture.

To know more about Kanuikapono Charter School, call them at 808-822-9032, or visit their website at

Kauai Community College

Kauai Community College is Kauai’s only college. It is part of the University of Hawaii system, and offers culinary arts, liberal arts, health, hospitality, early childhood education, agriculture, technology, electronics, business courses, and more.

The college encourages artistic and intellectual growth, and is dedicated to making each student a learner with a continuing thirst for knowledge, appreciation for diversity, and positive outlook towards life.

Kauai Community College welcomes students of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

For more information, call Kauai Community College at 808-245-8225, or visit their site at